Lily Jean is a premium and extravagant women’s wear clothing label; set out to make a true difference within the world of fashion, focusing on our handmade Christmas dresses that can be worn all throughout the holiday season! Here at Lily Jean clothing boutique, our creative designers work hard to make a positive difference in how clothes are produced, supporting the same values as the Slow Fashion movement, focusing more on how our clothing pieces are made, rather than how fast they are produced. Focusing on the ethical aspects of clothing production has allowed Lily Jean to truly set itself apart from other clothing companies, producing beautifully crafted and timeless pieces that range from understated elegant resort wear staples to glamorous Christmas dresses that are lined with intricate beadwork.

Made de Coney, the creative director and mastermind behind the beautiful works that are generated by Lily Jean, was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia. The differential landscapes and breathtaking Indonesian culture allowed her to blossom into the quintessential and trend-setting designer that she is today, adopting a play-hard, work-hard approach to life. At a young age, Made realized that she possessed an innate talent and eye for fashion. Through a unique passion and drive to create unmatchable handmade clothes, Made launched her first boutique in 2004, designating the opening location to be in Bali and ultimately paying homage to her Indonesian roots and culture by naming it after her beloved grandmothers, Lily and Jean.

This Christmas Season, Made is bringing together fashionable inspirations from her artisanal heritage in Bali coupled with influences that are derived from her Latino upbringing to bring her clientele an entirely new collection of handmade dresses that will surely label you as “best dressed” this holiday season.

Every single dress that Lily Jean produces is created with a blend of natural fibers, including silk, cotton, viscose, and satin. Our signature hand-beaded Christmas dresses and satin gowns are meticulously designed with bead and pattern work that can usually only be found within the Indonesian culture. Here at Lily Jean, we take great pride in providing an exquisite sense of style, a dream fit, and thoughtful, meticulous craftsmanship. Our collections, especially our brand new collection of Christmas dresses, are infused with an incredibly special kind of elegance and strength that is used to empower and inspire women of all ages, sizes, figures, cultures, and backgrounds. Made’s entirely unique and distinctive Christmas dress designs are created specifically for women who are bold, unabashedly free-spirited and entirely comfortable in their own skin. Each dress that is handmade by the designers at Lily Jean is designed with dedication and perception, imagination and complete devotion. At Lily Jean, we yearn to celebrate life’s most precious moments by celebrating the women who experience them. Our Christmas gowns are beaded and sequined entirely by hand, with an artful focus on dimension and design, meaning that your hand-beaded Lily Jean dress is uniquely yours and only yours! Our beaded Christmas dresses strike the perfect balance of festive, playful and poised so it’s time to purchase yours today!


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