Lily Jean epitomizes a sophisticated women's wear label aligned with the ethos of the Slow Fashion movement—a conscientious approach that transcends transient trends, prioritizing sustainability, ethical production practices, and enduring design. Our collection comprises exquisite and enduring pieces, ranging from refined resort wear essentials to opulent cocktail dresses adorned with intricate Japanese glass beadwork.

The creative force behind this high-end brand is Creative Director Made de Coney, who, born in Bali, Indonesia, brings a distinctive Balinese and Latino background to her work. Embracing a play-hard, work-hard ethos, Made demonstrated a prodigious flair for fashion from a young age. Fueled by an unwavering passion, she realized her dreams with the establishment of her inaugural boutique in Bali in 2004—a tribute to her grandmothers, Lily and Jean.

Lily Jean stands as an atelier distinguished by its unwavering commitment to crafting clothing of unparalleled quality, where aesthetics, functionality, and femininity intersect harmoniously. This dedication is reflected in the meticulous selection of high-end fabrics, the artistry of finishings, and an emphasis on durability, ensuring each piece stands the test of time. Sewn with precision and artistry, the garments epitomize a harmonious blend of aesthetics, offering a visual feast for the senses, and functionality, providing versatility and comfort for the modern woman.

In embracing the principles of Slow Fashion, Lily Jean takes pride in producing limited pieces, eschewing mass production in favor of thoughtful, deliberate creation. This intentional approach not only ensures exclusivity but also minimizes environmental impact and promotes a deeper connection between the wearer and the garment.

The infusion of Indonesia's artisanal heritage, combined with the influences of Made's Balinese and Latino family upbringing, serves as an enduring wellspring for her contemporary design inspirations. Unconstrained by fleeting trends, Made dedicates her creations to women characterized by boldness, unabashed free-spiritedness, and a profound comfort within their own skin.

A hallmark of Lily Jean's craftsmanship is the creation of hand-beaded clothing, a meticulous process that involves weeks of painstaking work with Japanese glass beads. This commitment to intricate detailing adds a unique, artful dimension to each garment.

Lily Jean proudly upholds a 0 waist policy, where leftover fabrics are repurposed into a diverse array of items, ranging from eye masks to underwear and scrunchies. This sustainable initiative not only minimizes waste but also contributes to a circular fashion ecosystem, showcasing our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Each piece is meticulously crafted from natural fibers, featuring sumptuous blends of sustainable fabrics such as silk, linen, and modal. Following the concept of a continuous narrative, Lily Jean's capsule collections unfold like chapters in an ongoing story. Rather than viewing each collection in isolation, there is a deliberate linkage between them, where each capsule collection tells a story connected to the previous one. This narrative approach provides a sense of continuity and cohesion, allowing wearers to engage with the evolving tale of Lily Jean's creations.

The conscientious creation of capsule collections, handcrafted with utmost environmental consideration, culminates in periodic releases at select local stores and online. This commitment reflects Lily Jean's dedication to sustainability and its harmonious integration with the broader fashion landscape, embodying the essence of aesthetics, functionality, and femininity.